Dream Gardens

An inspiring space for nature lovers and the whole family.
Tickets include access to all the attractions

Sculpture trail

Walk through curated gardens and view our amazing sculptures that combine thousands of plants with top-quality materials. We create world class sculptures that are truly one of a kind and a must see.


Challenge yourself and your find your way through our elaborately structured Labyrinth, created with 10-foot tall ornamental grass. Fun for all ages.

Lavender fields

Enjoy a relaxing stroll through winding rows of sweet scented lavender. Make sure to visit our boutique and leave with a Lavender product souvenir from your time spent in the gardens.

Sunflower fields

Taking a walk through a sunflower field is like walking right into a dream. Enjoy your time walking through our sunny fields.

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Tickets include access to all attractions.

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Tickets include access to all attractions.