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The Thuya Nigra (Black) Cedar

The Thuya Nigra (Black) Cedar

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The cultivated Thuja nigra, commonly known as cultivated black cedar, is the ideal cedar for forming hedges. Unlike other decorative cedars that remain pyramidal (such as emerald, smaragd, fastigiata, brandon, etc.), the cultivated Thuja nigra forms a wall that enhances the privacy of a property.

This cedar is cultivated in a controlled zone.

It's fertilized three times a year for dense and dark green foliage.

Pruning is done every two years to strengthen and thicken its foliage.

Weeds are removed for better growth.

Mechanical potting and transport in pots are employed.


Growth rate: 8 to 10 inches per year.

Time required for privacy wall: Immediately after installation.

Diameter at installation: 30 inches.

Spacing: Cultivated Thuja nigra plants should be installed 30 inches apart. To form a dense wall, the leaves must touch. Installation at 24 inches apart will provide desired privacy more quickly.

Pruning: Every year or every two years.

Shape: Your choice (conical, square wall style, ball).

Light: Requires at least 2 hours of sunlight per day.

Winter condition: Darker green in winter than other cedars.


Installation of cultivated cedars.

Conventional Installation:

Normally, when installing a cedar hedge, each plant is installed 3 feet apart, leaving about 6 inches between branches.

Installation by the Cedar Guy:

For better results, when installing a cedar hedge by the Cedar Guy, plants are installed much closer together, allowing branches to touch and fill up to 75% of the gap found at the top between each cedar. This gives the impression of having a much more mature hedge right from the installation.

When installing cultivated cedars: excavation, soil (if needed), starter fertilizer (rooting hormone), and support (if needed) are included. Additionally, we provide you with drip hoses covering the length of the hedge.

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